Sam Prochazka, CEO and founder of Logan & Cove

“We strive to improve the lives of Canadians by eliminating the hassle we have become accustomed to believing is normal.”

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Sam ProchazkaFounder, Logan & Cove

Founded in Canada

A Canadian Story

As the makers of Logan & Cove, was launched to deliver the most comfortable, durable, and affordable mattresses in Canada without the hassle-laden, opaque, and high-pressure shopping experience that many mattress retailers are known for. Since inception, has grown from a small, family-run company into the largest online-only mattress company in Canada, shipping coast to coast.

Today, comprises eight separate mattress lines designed and fabricated in numerous facilities across Canada.

Logan & Cove

Core Philosophies

Be Better

It is not enough to disrupt. Logan & Cove will work continuously to improve, making products and experiences better.

Be Transparent

The Internet removes the face-to-face human interaction of conducting business, but by being straightforward and transparent Logan & Cove aims to bridge that gap.

Be Accountable

Logan & Cove does not treat customers like dollar signs. Every transaction is a promise to be accountable to ourselves, our surroundings, and most importantly, you.

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