The Logan & Cove Advantage

Elevating the Experience of Buying a Mattress

With an emphasis on a great service, a convenient experience, and an incredible price, Logan & Cove has worked hard without compromise to surpass the traditional mattress shopping experience.

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Better Service

In an industry fraught with inefficiencies, service is more often delivered at the convenience of the retailer than the customer. At Logan & Cove, we put customers first and invest in the services and policies they ask for.

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 Logan & CoveMattress Stores
Sleep Trial (Nights)12060–100
Hassle-Free Returns
Free Returns & Pickups
100% Full Refund

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Better Experience

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Whether it’s the conditional returns policy or complicated warranty claims, mattress retailers often fall short in after-sale service. We realize that customers drive our success, and that supporting them for the lifetime of their product is key to raising the industry standard.

 Logan & CoveMattress Stores
Delivery While Away Option*
No Salespeople
Try at Home with Zero Pressure
Warranty (Years)1510

*Not available in Quebec

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Better Price

Fine print and nontransparent policies are frustratingly commonplace in the mattress industry. At Logan & Cove, we are fundamentally committed to giving customers complete transparency with respect to our policies, practices, and pricing.

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 Logan & CoveMattress Stores
No Middlemen
No Sales Commissions
No Price Haggling or Sales Pressure
Great Prices Year-Round
Made in Canada
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