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What’s the Difference Between Euro Top and Pillow Top Mattresses?

Robb Collins

Updated: June 17, 2024
When you’re looking for the best mattress, you’ll find many mattress terms that might be new to you. A common question we get is about an extra layer of padding that some mattresses have on top. This padding is known as a “pillow top” or “euro top,” and each refers to a different style of this comfort layer.

But what exactly is the difference between a pillow top and a euro top? 

Both “pillow top” and “euro top” refer to a soft comfort layer that’s added to the top of some mattresses. These layers are about 1 to 4 inches thick and are designed to be soft and comfortable. The main reason for these extra layers is to make the mattress more comfortable right when you lie down on it. While they both aim to make the mattress cozier, pillow tops and euro tops are designed differently.

What Is a Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow top mattresses have an additional layer of cushioning sewn right on top of the mattress cover. The stitching that holds this layer in place doesn’t reach the very edges of the mattress. This means the edges of the pillow top don’t line up exactly with the mattress edges, leaving a small gap and a V-shaped dip at the sides.

Think of it like a big pillow sitting on top of your bed, and sewn into place, which is why it’s called a “pillow top.”

You can find pillow tops on many types of mattresses, but they are especially common on firmer beds, like those with springs inside. The extra layer makes these firm mattresses feel softer and helps cushion parts of your body that press down harder, like your hips and shoulders. Pillow tops are usually made from soft materials like memory foam, latex foam, wool, or fiberfill to make them comfortable and mold to your shape.

What Is a Euro Top Mattress?

Euro top mattresses are a special kind of pillow top mattress. They have extra padding to make them softer and, unlike regular pillow tops, the padding on Euro tops is tucked under the mattress cover, not just sewn on top, leaving crisp, clean edges.

Euro tops are made in a way that makes the top layer even with the mattress edges, so it looks neat and even. This design doesn’t have the gap and V-shaped dip you see on regular pillow tops, which means there’s no space that makes you feel like you’re sinking. Instead, it’s all smooth and supportive.

Just like pillow tops, Euro tops are filled with materials like foam, wool, or fiberfill. They are often used on spring mattresses to make them more comfortable and to help cushion your body where it presses down the most. (Some foam mattresses also have a Euro top design, but since this is more expensive to manufacturer, this design flourish is typically reserved for only the higher-end, premium foam mattresses.)

Example of a euro top mattress - the Logan & Cove Frontier hybrid mattress

The Logan & Cove Frontier hybrid mattress features a premium-grade euro top cover that integrates CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres. The surface of this medium-firm mattress feels supple and cool to the touch. For added plushness, the euro top cover includes two breathable materials: hollow-fibre fill and quilted gel-infused foam. These are supported by an added layer of Aeroduct micro coils for enhanced body contouring and motion isolation. Together with the 5 zones of individually wrapped pocket coils, this mattress will give you head-to-toe support across the sleep surface.

How Do I Choose Between a Euro Top and Pillow Top Mattress?

Mattress TopperProsCons
Pillow Top
  • Make innerspring mattresses softer and more comfortable by adding a cushioning layer
  • Help reduce motion from the coils, making the bed steadier
  • Supports good spinal alignment and relieves pressure points, helping to decrease back pain without losing the mattress’s firmness
  • Adding a top layer of foam, wool, or fiberfill can make innerspring mattresses less airy, leading to a warmer sleep depending on the materials inside.
  • Since the pillow top sits directly on the mattress, it takes most of the movement, which can make it lose its shape, sag, or shift sooner than it should.
  • Pillow top mattresses are a bit more expensive due to the additional steps it takes to sew in this additional layer.
Euro Top
  • They are generally more durable than pillow top mattresses
  • Offer excellent edge support along the entire perimeter of the bed
  • Typically are more firm than pillow top mattresses
  • Poorly made Euro tops may contour less to the shape of your body compared to pillow tops
  • The cushioning and firmness may be less consistent across the entirety of the mattress
  • Modern design makes them last longer and look nicer

Euro top and pillow top mattresses each have their own pros and cons. If you’re trying to decide which one to choose, think about what you like in a mattress. 

Motion Isolation

Euro tops are thicker and better at keeping movements from spreading across the bed. This is great if you or the person sleeping next to you moves around a lot at night. Euro tops can help both of you sleep better because they don’t let the movement from one side of the bed reach the other side as much.


Pillow tops are usually softer. Since there’s nothing between the extra layer and the mattress cover, you can sink deeper into the bed. This can make the bed feel more comfortable and give better support where your body presses down the most, like at your hips or shoulders. This might be the right choice if you often have sore spots when you wake up. If you like a medium-firm bed, you’ll prefer the euro top for added plushness and head-to-toe comfort.

Edge Support

Pillow tops tend to be softer around the edges due to the “V” shaped crevice inherent to their design. This happens because there is no barrier between the extra layer and the support layers below, causing the edges to be less firm. If sleeping on the edge of the bed is your preference, the euro top’s added support might be what you’re looking for. Logan & Cove received the 2024 National Post’s award for Best Edge Support.

National Post award for Best Edge Support

Longevity & Durability

All things being equal, Euro tops last longer than regular pillow tops. Since their padding is stitched underneath the cover and even with the edges of the mattress, they don’t get flat, saggy, or shift around easily.

Design & Appearance

Euro tops blend in with the mattress and often look nicer, especially after they’ve been used for a while. While covered in sheets or a mattress protector, a Euro top gives cleaner lines than pillow tops, which might show some creases rolled edges.


Pillow tops can be made from different materials like memory foam, latex foam, wool, or fiberfill. Each of these materials feels different and can change how well the mattress supports your movements, fits your body shape, lasts over time, and stays cool. The Logan & Cove Frontier hybrid mattress helps you stay at the optimal temperature all night. The silky Euro-top cover features CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibers, which provide a refreshing feel against your skin. EcoLuxe® cooling gel foam removes excess heat and moisture from the sleep surface, preventing overheating. Additionally, a combination of aeroduct micro coils and individually wrapped pocket coils ensures continuous airflow through the mattress.

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Can pillow top mattresses be flipped?

No – you shouldn’t flip pillow top mattresses because the pillow top is only on one side. Logan & Cove hybrid mattresses contain a sophisticated arrangement of coils and foam designed to be effective in one orientation only. It is not recommended to flip over our euro top mattresses

However, Logan & Cove mattresses should be rotated every 4–6 months, especially if there is a significant weight difference between the people who use the bed.

To rotate a mattress, turn the mattress 180 degrees (making the head of the bed the foot of the bed). Rotating a mattress allows the surface to recover from prolonged body indentations. This will help increase the longevity of the mattress.

What type of sleepers should use pillow top mattresses?

Pillow top and euro top mattresses are both great for side sleepers because they have extra cushioning that helps with pressure on the hips and shoulders. Back and stomach sleepers might prefer firmer beds like latex or memory foam mattresses because they provide better support for their sleeping style. Euro top mattresses provide better support for those who sleep near the edge of the bed, as they don’t have the “V” shaped indentation that pillow tops do.

Are memory foam or pillow top mattresses better?

Memory foam mattresses last longer than pillow top mattresses, usually about four years more, but they are also more expensive. Memory foam shapes to your body better, which is good for relieving pressure points, but pillow tops might be better for heavier people who need strong support but also want a soft bed.

How thick are pillow top mattresses?

The thickness of a mattress can vary, usually between 8 to 14 inches. A pillow top adds about 2 to 4 inches to that. The Logan & Cove Frontier Euro Top Hybrid mattress is 13.5 inches in height.  If you’re measuring your mattress to buy sheets, start at the bottom seam and measure to the top where you sleep. Add in the pillow top when considering sheet size because it makes your mattress thicker. We also recommend our Logan & Cove Bamboo Sheets or our Logan & Cove Egyptian Cotton Sheets. With plenty of colours to choose from, and a perfect fit for your bed, we’re sure you’ll love the luxury they offer.

How long do pillow top mattresses last?

Pillow top mattresses generally last between 3 to 5 years, which is shorter than other types of mattresses. Since you can’t remove the pillow top, once it wears out, the mattress might feel flat and saggy. Buying a mattress with a warranty that covers sagging might help, as it could save you from having to replace your mattress too soon if it wears out. All Logan & Cove euro top mattresses come with a 15 year warranty.

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