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What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Robb Collins

Updated: June 17, 2024
A hybrid mattress is any mattress that combines metal coils with layers of foam or latex.

Hybrid mattresses offer a balanced sleep surface by pairing together the most-loved elements of both foam mattresses and traditional innerspring mattresses. With a hybrid mattress, you’ll enjoy the cushioning and pressure relief of premium memory foam while being fully supported by breathable and motion-isolating steel coils.

Hybrids are the best mattress and highly recommended for:
  • All sleep styles, but particularly side-sleepers
  • Couples who share a bed

What’s a hybrid mattress made of?

Hybrid mattresses can have many different types of arrangements, but nearly all of them share these three same elements:

  • A Pillow Top or Euro Top: Higher-end luxury hybrid mattresses will often feature a pillow top or euro top, which is a layer of cushioning materials stitched directly onto the top of the mattress, offering extra plushness where you lie.
  • Comfort and Transition Layer(s): These layers directly beneath the top layer comprise cushioning materials like memory foam, latex, and cooling gel; they are usually around 3 to 4 inches thick and embrace the contours of your body. Higher-end models might also feature micro coils.
  • Support Core: At 7 to 8 inches, the support core is made up of metal coils/springs which constitute the majority of the mattress’s height. Higher end mattresses will have coils of different thicknesses arranged in zones to promote spinal alignment.

Why are hybrid mattresses so popular?

Hybrid mattresses are similar to the supportive mattresses people have slept on for generations, while also providing some of the cushioning and motion isolation common in foam-based mattresses. Hybrid mattresses typically have enhanced durability, breathability, and adaptability compared to their all-foam counterparts. Continue reading to discover our award-winning hybrid mattresses and find your ideal match.

What makes Logan & Cove hybrid mattresses different from their competitors?

Crafted to perfection, every layer in a Logan & Cove mattress works in unison to give you the most incredible rest. Let’s take a closer look at the components of the Logan & Cove Frontier Hybrid Mattress which comes in at just over 13.5 inches in height.

7/8″ Quilted Euro-Top Cover

Our premium-grade cover integrates CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres. The surface feels supple and cool to the touch. For added plushness, the euro-top cover includes breathable hollow-fibre fill and quilted gel-infused foam.

1″ ecoLuxe® Cooling Gel Foam

Logan & Cove’s signature ecoLuxe® cooling gel foam gently cushions your shoulders, hips, and knees while wicking away body heat at night.

1″ Aeroduct Micro Coils

Experience enhanced cooling and contouring from our adaptive micro coils. These innovative coils conform to every inch of your body and create a central breezeway, allowing for optimal airflow and thermal regulation across the mattress.

1 5/8” Premium Elastex® Foam

Enjoy the perfect blend of bounce and cushioning with the soy-infused Elastex® foam. This layer effortlessly contours to your body, cradling you in optimal comfort, regardless of your sleeping position.

9″ Individually Wrapped Pocketed Coils

Our individually wrapped pocketed coils provide unparalleled support and responsiveness. Arranged in 5 zones, each calibrated to ensure every part of your body is aligned and perfectly cradled.

What is the difference between a regular mattress and a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is any mattress that combines spring coils with secondary materials, such as foam. Innerspring mattresses – what many people consider “regular mattresses” –  , primarily consist of supportive metal coils, but are typically topped with a thinner layer of soft materials, such as cotton, for added comfort, rather than multiple layers of foam.

Who should buy a hybrid mattress? Who are hybrid mattresses best for?

Hybrid mattresses are a good choice for a number of sleeper types:  

  • Couples: hybrids are great for couples because they offer more motion isolation than standard innerspring mattresses. In our hybrid mattresses, coils are individually wrapped to isolate motion, and the layers of foam and gel resting over the core coil component help stop motion transfer while you’re sleeping. And as a popular mattress style, hybrids tend to be preferred by a wide range of sleepers.
  • Lightweight sleepers and Heavyweight sleepers: The Logan & Cove hybrid mattress’ medium-firm construction and zoned coils ensure that sleepers of all body types can have a luxurious night’s sleep. 
  • Side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers: Hybrid mattresses provide both comfort, cooling and support (particularly models that offer zoned coils). This means that they have been engineered to be comfortable for all sleep styles.
  • Hot sleepers: Tired of the night sweats? Our mattresses feature gel-infused memory foam and CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibers in the cover fabrics, improving breathability and helping to regulate temperature for a cooler sleeping experience. Mattresses containing coils are naturally more breathable than all foam mattresses due to the ease of airflow through the centre of the mattress.

Which mattress is better, spring or hybrid?

It ultimately comes down to personal taste, as well as your budget. Many people favour innerspring mattresses for their substantial lumbar support and ease of movement. Hybrid mattresses offer a balanced sleep surface by pairing together the most-loved elements of both foam mattresses and traditional innerspring mattresses. With a hybrid mattress, you’ll enjoy the cushioning and pressure relief of premium memory foam while being fully supported by breathable and motion-isolating steel coils.

Our Hybrid Mattress Lineup

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Logan & Cove Frontier

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Is a hybrid mattress good for back pain?

When designing our mattresses, our research found that hybrid mattresses with high spring counts and memory foam layers are an ideal combination for sleepers living with back pain. Many individuals suffering from back pain experience relief when sleeping on a mattress that provides both pressure-relieving comfort and adequate support. In a 2023 survey conducted among Logan & Cove mattress owners, 88% of participants with back pain reported that their Logan & Cove mattress helped somewhat or a lot with their discomfort. Our multi-zonal support system uses cooling gel memory foam and pocketed coils to conform to your body, react as you shift positions, and provide the support necessary for good spinal alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Mattresses

Have a question that’s not answered in this list? Reach out to our customer support team.

Do you need a boxspring with a hybrid mattress? What do you put under a hybrid mattress? Can I put a mattress directly on slats?

If you own an older style innerspring mattress, a box spring may be necessary. However, for foam, hybrid, or latex mattresses, a box spring is generally not required. When using a bed frame with a slatted foundation and the slats are spaced no more than 3 inches apart, a separate box spring is not needed. Most types of mattresses can be placed directly on these slats. Here are our recommendations for the best bed frames for our mattresses:

Compatible bases

  • Platform: solid, flat, and untreated wood platform beds.
  • Box foundation: boxed foundations with a solid, non-flexing construction. Coiled or wire grid boxsprings are NOT compatible.
  • Slatted base: horizontal slats with gaps no more than 3″ apart and slats no less than 2″ wide.
  • Adjustable bed: non-medical adjustable bed frames, either motorized or manually adjustable.

Can a hybrid mattress be used on a regular bed frame?

For optimal support, choose a bed frame that maintains a uniform and stable base. Options include platform beds, tightly spaced slatted frames, and adjustable bases.

Things to keep in mind:

  • For queen, king, and California king mattresses: Platform beds and slat systems need at least one centre support beam.
  • Though not ideal, you can place your mattress directly on the floor if there is no risk of moisture buildup. Do not place your mattress directly on a concrete floor.
  • A base with curved slats might make your mattress feel softer than intended. If that’s the case, place a plywood sheet on top of the slats. This can help distribute the weight across the whole base, increasing firmness.

Incompatible bases

  • Metal bed: foundations made with a wire grid or thin metal beams.
  • Hospital bed: medically provided, adjustable bases.

If your current base doesn’t have enough support, place a sheet of untreated pegboard or plywood between the mattress and base to increase the surface area of the base.

Is a hybrid mattress good for side sleepers?

Yes, hybrid mattresses are excellent for side sleepers. Hybrid mattresses provide both comfort and support (particularly models that offer zoned coils). Side sleepers should look for a firmness that’s about a medium-soft to medium-firm.

How many years does a hybrid mattress last?

Hybrid mattresses tend to last for 6 to 8 years, though some manufacturers guarantee them for up to 10. Its a good idea to replace your mattress every 8-10 years. At Logan & Cove we believe in the craftsmanship and exceptional quality of our products — we offer a 15 year warranty.

Can hybrid mattresses be flipped?

No – Logan & Cove hybrid mattresses contain a sophisticated blend of coils and foam designed to be effective in one orientation only. The Logan & Cove Choice hybrid mattress has beautiful plush quilting only on the top, and the Logan & Cove Frontier hybrid mattress has a euro top. Its is not recommended to flip our hybrid mattresses over. These modern designs and advancements in construction over the years have resulted in a mattress that should not be flipped.

Our mattresses should be rotated every 4–6 months, especially if there is a significant weight difference between the people who use the bed.

To rotate a mattress, turn the mattress 180 degrees (making the head of the bed the foot of the bed). Rotating a mattress allows the surface to recover from prolonged body indentations. This will help the longevity of the mattress.

How soon can you sleep on a hybrid mattress in a box?

Our hybrid mattresses with their mix of innersprings and foam, tend to expand faster than regular latex or foam mattresses. Your new Logan & Cove luxury mattress will take up to 24 hours to expand completely.

How much should I pay for a hybrid mattress?

When shopping for a hybrid mattress and setting your budget, consider your specific needs such as firmness preference, support, and any particular sleep issues you would like to resolve like heat retention or needing motion isolation. It’s also beneficial to look for good warranties and read customer reviews to ensure a worthwhile investment.

Mattress TypeBudget Price (Queen Size)Luxury Price (Queen Size)Logan & Cove Luxury (Queen Size)

At Logan & Cove, we’re committed to offering exceptional sleep without the luxury price tag. Our queen size Logan & Cove Choice hybrid mattress delivers a comfortable rest starting at just $799. For those seeking a more opulent, indulgent sleeping experience, our ultra-cool Logan & Cove Frontier hybrid mattress is available starting at $999.

Are hybrid mattresses hot to sleep on?

That depends on the mattress and the individual, but generally hybrid mattresses are less hot than their foam counterparts because they allow for more airflow through the mattress.

Our new generation of Logan & Cove hybrid mattresses is providing hot sleepers with additional coolness by combining a premium-grade cover that integrates CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres, our signature ecoLuxe® cooling gel foam. These cooling features are enhanced by an open core with air channels for breathability, as well as pocketed coils to provide responsiveness, support, and airflow.

Are hybrid mattresses noisy?

Hybrids can be noisy if they get too old, but are generally more quiet than innerspring mattresses due to the noise dampening properties of the surrounding foam. Depending on the quality of coils used, some hybrid mattresses can become squeaky over time. But don’t worry, we have every confidence that you will get better sleep with our mattresses. We’re so confident that we let you try it at home for 365 nights.

What are the negatives to a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses contain multiple layers of high-quality foam and coils. This makes them a little heavier and somewhat more expensive than traditional innerspring mattresses. At Logan & Cove we deliver the most comfortable, durable, and affordable mattresses in Canada without the hassle-laden, opaque, and high-pressure shopping experience that many mattress retailers are known for. Our mattresses are less expensive than many other hybrid, foam or latex mattresses. Over 50,000 Canadians have trusted that our hybrid mattresses are worth the investment. 

Which is better: a 10-inch, 12-inch or 14-inch mattress?

A Canadian of average weight will find a memory foam mattress between 8 to 12 inches thick to be sufficient. 

  • A mattress 10-inches thick or more often works well for those who like a medium-soft mattress or have smaller bedroom spaces. 
  • Our 12-inch medium-firm mattress, the Logan & Cove Choice hybrid mattress, is perfect for side sleepers and offers additional comfort and cushioning compared to an 8-10 inch mattress. 
  • Heavier individuals or those who are looking for a more luxurious and comfortable sleep, may prefer our 13.5 inch Logan & Cove Frontier hybrid mattress.

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